the middle.

Good stories are all about the middle. Without the middle you are just there and then you are gone. We see, we conquer. They live and they die. The middle is the part where you meet the most interesting people, see the most brilliant things, love in the most intensely passionate way and live as if it is your last day on earth.

The middle is where you walk down a golden path for hours, only for the adventure and the sheer excitement of encountering something breathtaking. The middle is the part where you share in cultural delights, like eating haggis in Glasgow, Pho in Hanoi or witchetty grubs in Kakadu. Perhaps you’ll sling your body down a waterfall in Cuba or smoke shisha with a bunch of hospitable men in Lebannon. Maybe you’ll meet a beautiful woman in Chicago who’ll take you out dancing at a club playing 80s R ‘n’ B while the rain buckets down outside.

A good story is not purely about the end result. No, we don’t tell our grandest and most onerous stories to simply get to the end result. We tell them to shock people, to make them smile, to make them cry and above all, to make them wonder. That is what a good story is. And the only way to find the best stories is to jump out of your seat, out of the square, out of your life and into something like a whole new universe.


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