Willie Bee’s One-O-Three… coming very soon.

Opinions. Everyone’s got one. Thus for for the second time, I will be posting my top 100-ish songs for the year 2014. Let’s face it, it is a puerile way to spend one’s time. However, I created a blog called ‘Trifles and Tidbits’, therefore it is safe to suggest that I am somewhat of an expert on wasting time and being childish. It has been another fascinating year in music. I’m not talking the politics of pop music, the scandal and the endless feuds, attention-seeking stunts and shitty trends. I’m talking about the heart and soul of many our lives. The actual music. At the end of the day, that’s the legacy legitimate musicians want to last past their due by date.

Last year I posted Willie Bee’s top 102 that attempted to capture the essence of my year of listening to music. As a time capsule, I find this attempt to define what I thought were the best songs of the year fascinating. I find it fascinating because it is so difficult to define what songs were the ones that made you tick throughout the year. Last year I spent the entirety of the year in Australia. This year I was out of Australia for more than four months. Are the influences that led me to choose this year’s list different to those that persuaded me last year? Probably. But how significant is this factor? Again, another silly question.

The most important thing here is to read my list and assess it for yourself. Our own experiences are central to how we receive music. We can be in the most bizarre situation and months later hear an Ariel Pink song and think… Holy shit, this has captured the exact feeling that was exuding from my pores back when I was tied to a bed with two midgets licking my nipples as a horse licked whipped cream off my toes. Or it can just be that you were clicking around on de compooter and found a little ditty that was juuuuuuuuuust right. That is the beauty of exploration and chance.

So without further ado, here are the dates for the release of Willie Bee’s One-O-Three.

75-103: Sunday 21st December
50-74: Monday 22nd December
25-49: Tuesday 23rd December
1-24: Wednesday 24th December

Best 20 albums to be released on Christmas Day. So tune in and get funky.

Get ready for the reveal.
Get ready for the reveal.

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