10 things I’d like to tell my 17 year old self.

In hindsight, we’d all do things a little differently… but that wouldn’t be any fun now, would it? However, there are a few words of wisdom and motivation that could have changed this twenty-something’s life a little for the better if I had have listened when I was a 17 year old scallywag.

17 year olds man, I feel ya.

1. Fear is the ultimate driver, even when you feel completely and utterly overwhelmed. You’re going to be scared… a lot. And it is going to confuse you and distort your view. But you’ll figure out that when you back your instincts, you’ll usually come out with a smile on your face even if a couple of hairs are out of place. Channeling the fear inside to produce something greater than you originally had is the most important thing you will ever commit to. Remember too, that even the greatest minds, the greatest athletes and the greatest orators all have held grand doubts about their own abilities. Back yourself in. 

2. If people say you are doing it wrong, don’t listen to them. Unless it is something like loading the dishwasher, changing a tyre, cutting your own hair, making a curry, using chopsticks, unscrewing a light bulb, delivering cunnilingus, maintaining a veggie patch, speaking a different language or reading a map.  If it is any of the above, you are probably wrong. 

3. Time is going to pass, don’t try and stop it. Watch the clouds a little bit longer, and just relax. You can try and try and try all you want, but you will never succeed in manipulating time. It would be pretty cool though… Apologies, remnants of my 17 year old self have leaked onto this blog. It would be cool, but it is not going to happen… Yeah, but how cool would it be if you could freeze time and put yourself in some really gnarly situation where you would be the hero who stopped a nuclear crisis from occurring and then you’d become like, some sort of superhero the world would look up to and get invited to all the sickest parties where the music smashes your ears all night and Kanye West is there just looking down at his feet because the whole facade bores him and you’re like, what the fuck man, smile! And he just looks at you, knowing full well that you are a superhero of time. Then Natalie Portman shows up and… Alright, that’s enough. Time is going to pass. Just relax and let it happen. (How cool would it be if you could…) Shut up. 

4. Go easy on the powders and hallucinogens… that shit is whack. In fact, probably forget about the hallucinogens all together.   https://senseofperfecktion.wordpress.com/2014/08/21/an-overseas-trip-down-memory-lane/ – pretty cool story to scare some reckless teens though. Also, just tone it down sometimes on the old Frothy2hotties from time to time, you have a tendency to get a bit hyperactive. Great in some circumstances like busting a move at Pianos in NYC, but maybe not so much when you are flirting with your mate’s brother’s girlfriend in a very provocative way with him a metre away and you completely oblivious to your actions. Good times. 

5. If people don’t like you, it’s not the end of the world.

It’s more important to be respected than liked… but it is going to take you a while to figure that one out. (#Hatersgonnahate). Listen to Sky Ferreira on this matter… and many others to be fair. Your reputation is not a fluke but what are you going to do. She also preaches that everything is embarrassing… and that’s pretty much spot on too. She is so damn good. Marry a woman like her. That’s probably advice more for my current self than my 17 year old self. I’m not even sure anymore. What was the point I was making? Oh yeah, don’t worry too much about what people think. They’re fully entitled to their opinion and we are all dealing with our own shit so don’t get too worked out when some bloke with shit hair starts having a dig at you behind your back.  

6. Travel is the greatest thing you will ever do for your own personal development.  This is a no brainer but it will take you a little while to embrace the idea of solo travel. You’ll get to the point when every day will bring a new destination to get to. Soak it up. Japan will be hollaaaaaaring at you next week. The beauty of the whole venture is that your reputation means nothing when you enter another country. You are anonymous, you are not bound by the restraints you are held back by at home. You are just another wandering soul. How cool is that? 

Not the worst three days of your life…

7. Sex is really great, so chill out a bit when you get a whiff of the opportunity. And don’t be scared to fall in love.  Yeah, dude, you get to lose your virginity which is pretty cool. And sex with a woman is generally awesome. Women can touch you in ways that you’ll be like, hey, this is totally amazing. I feel so free! However, you should respect the art of this sacred connection and the woman (or men… you never know what will come your way) you are connecting with. By respect I mean that sex can be as complicated or as care-free as the circumstance requires it to be. Knowing the other person’s state of mind can be really hard so don’t be selfish, it’s a two-way street.  Love is a motherfucker. However, it is a pretty incredible thing when you feel an awe-inspiring connection with a person, be it your best mate, or more relevantly the brown-eyed-girl sitting alone in the library, so embrace the feeling. Maybe it will fail, maybe you’ll end up in the bottom bunk in a hostel bed with 12 pairs of ears listening to you awkwardly whisper ‘I love you’ to the naked girl next to you or maybe it will be something deeper. It can’t hurt to try it out. (This is also for the 23 year old in all of us…). Don’t be ashamed of a little casual hanky panky as well… This sort of contradicts my last point… but hey, I blame myself for my reputation. 

8. Don’t worry too much about your future, and money. Follow your passions for as long as you can.  Life is not a race. So you’re a bum who sits in his jocks until 2pm writing stuff that might never get read by the right people. At least you are following your passion. Passion is the thing that helps you wake up, helps you talk to the people you can’t be bothered talking to, helps you get to where you want to be, helps you get to places that scream out ‘HAAAAALLELUJAH!’ and help you go to bed a happy man. They may not help you buy a car, get into an esteemed men’s club, help you fill your pool with sparkling mineral water, but hey, is that what life is really about? That’s a tough question to be posing to a 17 year old who admires his mate with new Nike Kicks… 

9. Someone is always going to be better, more successful, more handsome, more charming, more important, more wealthy than you… So don’t get bitter, get motivated…. BRO. 

10. Always respect your mother. She’s amazing and the most selfless, loving woman you will ever have the opportunity to know. So love her with all of your soul and thank her for everything she does for you. Good on ya Mum! 


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