A case study in Trifles and Tidbits

Blogs tend to get a bit messy after a while of posting articles about sex, music, romance, passions, pitfalls and (very occasionally), politics. So at the behest of a good friend, I have thrown together the links to my top 25 posts (on views). Overwhelmingly, the Tom Ford post has been the most viewed post. Surprising when you consider that I only wrote it to impress a young lady who had linked it to me in the first place. After that, the posts are rooted in nostalgia, longing and, well, above all, genitalia. I’ve thrown in a personal favourite of mine at the end, it is worth a look. Thanks for your support!

My take on Tom Ford’s 15 things that every man should have.
What tinder has taught me about society
Willie Bee’s 100+2 songs of 2013.
On a bus, thinkin’ ’bout footy.
An ode to my oldest friend.
Muzik. Coachella: My top 10 acts to see.
Sex. Are we doing it right?
‘I’m a serial dater, get me out of here’: Tips for a first date, Part 1.
The most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
Sex and books.
Corrupted youth in California Pt. I
Condemned to a stop-start life.
The Internet is making me feel lonely.
Women in music: Are we forgetting something?
Music: My top 20 of the past 20 years.
A silly little love note.
Moving backward, thrusting forward.
Just another story.
Is the flame of romance still flickering?
The art of seduction
Is it possible to live by a mantra?
An (overseas) trip down memory lane

My very first blog… Remember the time you…

And a personal favourite… Being a man.


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