I don’t need you and I don’t need this job!

What I don’t need in my life.

A lot of shit.  I mean, 3D movies for one.  Youtube commercials about brain training.  People talking about The Block and The Biggest Loser.  Unfunny drunk smartasses with their cronies laughing at their every obnoxious move.  Chris Brown.  Bad music in general.  Shitty videos constantly plaguing my facebook feed.  Facebook.  Get out of my life.  Lack of parks in a carpark.  Get it right bro.  Overcrowded cafes.  Undeserving heroes.  Kiddy fiddling rockstars.  People who can’t get their radios off Fox and Nova.  Nova and Fox.  Mainstream breakfast radio with hosts who are paid to slam coke up their noses and smash three coffees before they go on air so they sound like they are enjoying losing all their integrity.  People who whinge all the time.  That’s also hypocritical.  Myself in the morning – do something productive.  90 minute holds for public services.  Political debates that don’t involve anything alike a debate.  People interrupting me.  People slowing traffic.  Bad drivers.  Weird looking drug addicts on my train, stop staring at me.  I kind of feel for them though so I might retract that.  Unless they keep staring at me, then I will re-add them to this list.  150 dollar law books.  Laws.  Rules.  Regulations.  Yeah, we need them but I know what I’m doing, get out of my Kentucky Fried grill brah.  Beers, I’m still seedy from the long weekend.  People who talk about drinking beers.  People who don’t like beers.  Good looking girls who have loyal boyfriends.  Inaccessible women who won’t talk to me.  Blokes who force inaccessible women to acknowledge their presence.  Blokes who think they are special.  People whose humour solely revolves around the fact that they think they are fucking awesome.  People coughing without covering their mouth.  People who travelled years ago and still pay out on their homeland as it pales in comparison to the rad time they had there.  Go live there brah.  Me saying brah.  People who don’t like Toy Story.  People who don’t cry during Toy Story.  People who heckle people who cry during Toy Story.  People who watch more reality television than genuinely good drama and comedy.  Xenophobia.  (Just had to add that one to appear like a more humane person.)

Things I need in my life right now.

A higher tolerance for caffeine.  More time.  A good job that perfectly accompanies my lack of studying.  Getting paid to be a fucking legend.  Frank Ocean.  James Blake’s new album.  Understated feminine beauty.  Preferably from a girl who acknowledges my presence and likes my blog.  Not many girls have read my blog without thinking I’m this overly dramtic misogynist. I’m not like that girls, I just like thinking and don’t hold shit in like your big, buff boyfriend who laughs at my dancing.  I never mentioned that I didn’t like big, buff boyfriends.  They are fine with me as long as they don’t laugh at my dancing and like footy.  Geelong playing Hawthorn every weekend of my life.  A big ass Thai chicken curry.  A trip overseas, right now.  Dropping out of university.  Some money.  Not too much, but y’know, enough to get me by.  People to stop staring over my shoulder at my writing, I’m doing Uni work!  A girl who makes my heart sing a little every time I see her.  Sun.  A beach.  A business idea.  Some free time.  I suppose this is kind of like free time but I’m supposed to be studying so it doesn’t really constitute free time.  Being good at guitar.  Being James Blake.  Talking and everyone listening.  Dead silence at gigs minus a sick band playing.  Reciprocated stares at gigs.  Holding a girl’s front as we sway to some beautiful melodies.  A full moon and a vacant beach.  Better sexual prowess.  More Game of Thrones.  Not in 3D.  Receiving a mysterious letter.  Something exciting.  Less boredom.  Less need to drink to have fun.  Less pressure on my future.  D’Angelo’s new album.  D’Angelo touring Australia.  Me at a gig with dead silence minus D’Angelo wooing the crowd.  Except for a few screams from girls.  It would be weird if it was completely silent.  Otis Redding reincarnated.  Relaxed days like this.


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