My take on Tom Ford’s 15 things that every man should have.

Tom Ford on the 15 things every man should have.
Tom Ford on the 15 things every man should have.

Tom Ford is an incredibly successful, handsome American with a penchant for fashion and the finer things.  With a past history in the upper ranks at Gucci and also an award winning film director for the brilliant ‘A Single Man’, the man is pretty clued in when it comes to modern society.  So when he posts a list about the 15 things that every man should have, there is no doubt that you should spend a fair while pruning through and assessing where your own life is.  The great thing about the list is that it doesn’t necessarily state that you need the most expensive clothes in the range or to be an undiluted douche to make friends and lovers but it does focus on the things that really set you apart from the rest of the male pack.  Some of the items identified are not exactly easy to find.  A sense of humour, the signature cologne and even a sport that you love and are good at are not things that come to people over night but most of the list is fairly attainable.  Sure, we don’t all have the funds to invest in the perfect tuxedo and a well cut dark suit but we all have the capacity to look good and act like a gentleman.  A sense of humour and a daily read of the newspaper are pretty much non-negotiables in my book.  Let’s face it, no one wants to spend time with a dullard who doesn’t know who won the US presidential election and it is a certainty that no one wants to date one!  Looking good is important as well.  I dress in a way that is fairly quirky and at times puts me at odds with some of my friends and strangers in the street because I look like Daryl Somers back in the 80s with my cotton jumpers with zany patterns.  However, looking sharp is something that isn’t as straight forward as chucking on a Ralph Lauren polo and a pair of designer chinos with some brown shoes.  It has to suit you and your character.  Some things look good universally, like a dark suit  even on a bloke with a horrible haircut.  Others require long legs or a big chest or pale skin.  It’s a difficult art to get right but Tom Ford’s advice is a real introduction to the art of dressing to impress with a few non-negotiable traits on the side.  Anyway, enough of the introduction.  My aim today was to make a list for women and the 15 things that every woman should have.  I’m no expert and I am certainly not saying that this is a comprehensive list as I am neither a woman nor anywhere close to an expert in women’s fashion or, well, women in general.  However, why not?  Then I thought I would extend on Ford’s list with another 10 things that I find to be extremely important for men to have in their armoury.  Stay classy, San Diego.

15 things every woman should have.
1. A sincere, disarming smile.
2. A taste in movies, TV shows, magazines and novels that doesn’t purely feature Kardashians, celebrity gossip and vampire romance.
3. A lipstick shade that suits their personality.
4.  Never wearing too much makeup.
5.  A selection of floral summer dresses that show off their figure.
6. A selection of classy yet extremely sexy lingerie.
7. A group of legitimate friends who they don’t bitch about every time they are out of earshot.
8. Some killer high heels.
9. Business attire that links professionalism and feminine style.
10. An interest in fitness, health and wellbeing but not an overbearing obsession that denies them the ability to enjoy a meal without commenting about how they are going to have to work so hard in the gym later to burn it off.
11.  Jewellery that accentuates her features.
12. An alluring perfume that makes men tilt their head upwards in anticipation of another waft.
13.  A little black dress or two.
14.  Street wear that works for every occasion.
15.  Confidence, charm and humility in conversation.

And 10 more things that I believe every man should have.
1.  An extensive taste in music
2.  A firm interest in the arts including theatre, live music, comedy and film.
3.  An interest in fine wine
4.  A keen eye for the unusual
5.  A perceptive, analytic and observant mind rather than purely a judgemental attitude
6. A desire to learn constantly.
7.  An individual flair when it comes to fashion, food and fun.
8.  A selection of nice shirts and ties to accompany.
9.  A good notepad to sketch, write, jot their feelings and desires.
10.  A diverse selection of footwear.



  1. This is perhaps the most disarmingly impressive thing that has ever landed in my inbox.
    Perpetually amazing – I think it may have given me a “whirl,” rather then vice versa, as instructed.

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