Things to do.

  1. Wash my car
  2. Avoid the rain
  3. Fix umbrella
  4. Buy new jumper
  5. Run frantically to car
  6. Put heater on full
  7. Book haircut for the morning
  8. Cancel haircut appointment, require sleep-in.
  9. Scream out ‘come on Straya’ to a few pedestrians
  10. Lament at the lost medal chances
  11. Argue with a lone Aussie battler about the waste of taxpayers’ money spent on the disappointing Australian Olympics campaign
  12. Pick the opposing side of the debate as the AB
  13. Claim that I’ll move to New Zealand if we lose to the Dream Team in ye olde round ball
  14. Raise the impossibility clause due to property prices
  15. Sing in the rain
  16. Eat dinner
  17. Discuss the possibility of joining a sailing team to compete in the next Olympics with family
  18. Sulk over dessert
  19. Sleep
  20. Erotic dreams about the adventures within the Olympic village
  21. Wake up depressed at rain outside.

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