Behind the scenes.

I was just reading a little tidbit on the back page of “Gina Rinehart presents ‘The Age'” and my eyes happened to fall upon a particularly enlightening piece of scripture.  Alright, it was a snippet about how Delta Goodrem has one make up artist and a hair designer for THIS IS THE VOICE on channel free to air.  I don’t watch the show but I’ve heard (okay, I’ve watched a few episodes) that big Seal is a very sexy man according to my mother and that Joel Madden has grown on her.  To be fair to Mum she is hardly his demographic but I’m sure Joel is thriving in his now dedicated middle aged woman fan club.  Anyway, this sparked a few thoughts in my mind that I have now translated to the old computer.  How far will the suits take the whole behind the scenes, rehearsed nature of these shows?  Does it end at hair, make up and cue cards?

For me this connects with the uninspiring trend amongst pop stars to doctor their voices utilising auto-tune.  Chris Brown, a platinum recording artist with a penchant for laying the smack down on women, is a known user and abuser of this mechanism and so is the big Sexy, T Pain.  However, I acknowledge that double standards would be infringing on my democratic principles if I did not mention that two of my favourite artists Kanye West and Bon Iver have also dabbled in the art… But you know what, this is my blog and I will paint those two in a favourable light by suggesting that these two only use it to enhance a production and satirise the new art of A-tune.  I must digress by pointing out that I have seen both Bon Iver and Kanye West live recently and Bon Iver legitimately would never have to use any sort of mechanisms to aid their performance, Justin Vernon’s voice is just too magical.  Kanye on the other hand did go a little bit overboard with both his sermonic tales of woe and his own reliance on le auto tune.

Getting back to the point of the blog, does the audience suffer from a lack of transparency behind productions on a grander scale that can influence the material through effective editing and strong production teams?  If it can make Seal appear to be a sexy piece of man meat and Delta a blatant bitch in succubus’ clothing then I suppose there is nothing wrong with it.  Networks also love portraying their newsreaders as the Gods of 6PM pre-dinner TV.  These folks who are particularly gifted at smiling and reading cue cards have been marketed as the ‘people in the know’, ‘the folks who understand you’ and in my household, ‘the flogs never invited to dinner’.  But let’s face it, rehearsed television news productions have been in existence since the 50s and it must be acknowledged that open air Athenaeums were the home of Athenian actors who rehearsed lines and slayed goddesses before taking their show to the broader public.

In this age where public relations and press releases are the ruler and public apologies are a dime a dozen it is very welcome to have a little spontaneity from the occasional source without some Green Guide enthusiast picking up on the offensive nature of unrehearsed material that has actually caused him/her to make a moral judgement on why they are offended by the said material.  However, when it comes to productions that have big budgets and fickle audiences, it seems that clean is the only way to do it.  I mean, reputation is apparently the only thing that keeps someone in a job when they are in the public eye so God forbid that we see another cock at an awards ceremony.  Grant me this though, if Russell ‘the comedian’s comedian’ Brand pulled his member out or brashly declared his opposition to a particular religious custom it wouldn’t quite have the same effect as live television capturing Kenny ‘Cardboard’ Sutcliffe snorting a line of sawdust or a substance to that effect up his bugle.  I don’t think this has any relevance to what I’m writing but as the disclaimer states, ‘I’m a motherfucking freestyle writer brah’.

All I’m saying is that doctoring television and music to please the masses isn’t necessarily inspiring a new generation of individual performers from going out there and performing material that toes the line to challenge the viewer and actually force them to make a decision that quite possibly could allow a more open-minded approach to society.  A bit of PG titties are never a bad thing for a 5 year old, in fact the fact that my folks never completely protected me from this material has made me a more rounded individual… or a perverted, depraved sex fiend who is always seeking a nice pleasure.  It really depends on you are listening to.


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