A parable.

A man of esteem said to the man of low self esteem, ‘why the long face?’  The man of low self esteem explained to him that he had just lost his father, his brother had been sentenced to three years imprisonment for possession of a controlled substance with the intention to supply and he still had to break the news to his mother that he was a homosexual.  The man of esteem peered at him with curiosity, readjusted himself and laughed.  The man of low self esteem frowned and said ‘why do you laugh at me?’  ‘Because life will throw these things at you.  And I’m very rich so I do not need to bother myself with your petty issues’.  The man of esteem walked away chuckling to himself as if the carnival had come to town.  The man of low self esteem stared at this man’s shadow for the next two minutes.

The lesson here is to always listen to a man telling parables because these men are likely to be prophets.  And as we all know, there is no such thing as a false prophet… in prophet’s clothing.  Avoid wolves who dress in sheep’s clothing because sheep don’t wear clothes.


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